Friday, June 29, 2012

The June edition of the Theodore Turley Family Organization’s Newsletter is available online at  You may click here to download the pdf file directly: Jun 2012 TTFO Newsletter.pdf (2.59 MB). 

The next newsletter will feature 2012 graduates.  Please send in information on your graduate, or any other family news, stories, research efforts, or photos you would like to share by September 10, 2012

Top Highlights of the June Newsletter:

1)      October Newsletter will be a special edition honoring graduates, page 1

2)      Minutes of the last leadership meeting on March 30th in Salt Lake City, page 3

3)      Letters from Family Members, page 8

4)      Relatives Remembered:

·         Beulah Turley Hunt Stratton (Theodore Wilford Turley branch), page 10

·         Kathryn Turley (Hyrum Turley branch), page 10

·         Wally Firman Gray (Charlotte Turley branch), page 11

5)      Life stories or family spotlights about:

·         Amelia Louisa Counsell Turley (Frederick Turley branch), page 6

·         Anders Arthur Pyper (Frances Turley Romney branch), page 13

·         James Mahlan Marriott (Frances Turley Romney branch), page 13

·         Isaac Turley Jr. (son of Isaac), page 14

·         Jessica Turley (Ernest Tolton Turley branch), page 16

·         Shaun Harrison (Theodore Wilford Turley branch), page 17

·         Stan Turley (Theodore Wilford Turley branch), page 18

·         Nathan Smith (Theodore Wilford Turley branch), page 18

·         Hillary Olsen (Theodore Wilford Turley branch), page 19

·         Robie Olsen (Theodore Wilford Turley branch), page 21

·         Delilah Jane Willis Turley (Alma Rubin Turley branch), page 22

·         Mary Ann Turley Cook (daughter of Theodore), page 29

·         Edgar Wayne Turley (Hyrum Turley branch), page 30

6)      1864 Letter from Theodore Turley to his children in his own handwriting, page 32

7)      Red Book Publishing update – spectacular reunion after 71 years, page 33

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