Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The February edition of the Theodore Turley Family Organization’s Newsletter is available online at www.turleyfamily.org.  You may click here to download the pdf file directly: Feb 2012 TTFO Newsletter[1].pdf (2.6 MB).  The submission deadline for the next edition of the newsletter is May 10, 2012.  You are welcome to send in any family news, stories, research efforts, or photos you would like to share.

Top Highlights of the February Newsletter:

1)      Question for everyone: Who is currently doing genealogy research?

2)      Job Description of a Family Representative, page 2

3)      Minutes of the last leadership meeting on September 30th in Salt Lake City, page 3

4)      Mystery Photo identified as Mary Ann Tomlinson, page 6

5)      Mission & Birth Announcements, pages 8-10

6)      Relatives Remembered:

·         Douglas Marion Turley (Hyrum branch), page 11

·         Mary Jo Bennett Rasband (Alma Rubin branch), page 11

·         Nina McLaws Turley Adair (Joseph Hartley branch), page 12

7)      Life stories or family spotlights about:

·         Esther Turley McClellan (Esther McClellan branch), page 15

·         Abby Haws (Isaac Jr. branch), page 18

·         Anthon Homer Turley (Ernest Tolton branch), page 20

·         Sarah Greenwood (wife of Isaac), page 22

·         Hyrum Turley (Hyrum branch), page 24

·         Charles Neil DeWitt (Alma Rubin branch), page 27

8)      Family Activity with 1840 Illinois Census, page 30

9)      Red Book Publishing update – DVDs have been published & distributed, page 31

10)   Theodore Turley family tree on Ancestry.com, page 31

Membership Information

Newsletters are provided free of charge to any person with a valid email address.  Please encourage other family members to participate in the Turley Family Organization and sign up to receive free newsletters by email.  If you receive multiple copies of this newsletter announcement, please respond with your preferred email address.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the newsletter in the mail, please send in your annual donation of $10 to cover printing and postage expenses.  Donations may be made payable to “Theodore Turley Family Organization” and sent c/o Hilary Turley, 1122 40th Street #408, Emeryville, CA 94608.  Due to the expense, newsletters will no longer be mailed to people whose paid memberships expired more than six months ago.

Thank you for your continued support.  I hope you enjoy all the great information in the February newsletter!

Hilary Turley, Newsletter Editor
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